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Everything else is in place. It's been awhile since the antidote to the plague was put in to the atmosphere by the Green Lanterns. Ralph is just about over his cold and is taking a power nap. The chili cook off is happening soon enough. Time to put the last contingency plan in place.

She hopes the new kid takes bribes, or she's going to have to get even sneakier.
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Well, this is of a hell of a time for happy thoughts. Maybe it's just evil in disguise like the rest of what we've been slogging through. Maybe, Sue, you are getting cynical in your old age.

So Ralph, and I are up here on the moon watching the trail. I'm finding out a lot about my friends I never knew before and not in a good way. I've been arguing that there's a disconnect between "normal life," and the League for awhile. Jordan saw it. I experienced it. I'm sure that could explain some of Waller's crap and plenty of Lex News reports and why people watch. The Gods are fighting and there's a hell of a lot of fear in the room.

There are a few things I'm hanging onto which make me feel better about this chapter of my life and the life of my friends being put out there for brutal review.

The first one is that Light may have raped me - and through me the Justice League - but I'm still breathing. They will find a way to cope with this. This is provided that pride, shock, and the "never will happen," denial gets worked through. We who marry heroes know we are in harm's way. Some of us - no, most - ask the superhero to quit. Save their own damned family instead. Seems logical, right? It isn't. See, I thought that was a good call for Ralph and I. I was a bitch about it because I was scared. He should of gotten rid of the shrew I was in retrospect. Really. Taking Ralph out of the life he loves...taking him away from people he can help and the mysteries he can solve...

Ralph says it killed who he was without me. But I almost killed who Ralph was trying to keep us "safe." Safe isn't an option. Marry on of these adrenaline junkies and don't try and get them to change. Change isn't something you dictate in a relationship anyway. It happens on its own. If I could do back to that scared, younger Sue, that's what I'd tell her.

Second good thing - Ray finally came to talk to me. I thought I'd flinch too, to be honest. I didn't. I was just happy to see him. It's not his fault Jean snapped. I mean, really, how many times have the bad guys tried to use us to get to them. I think the term is "human shields." Well, we "shields," can work both ways. We can save people like Ray from taking on what isn't there's - which is a occupational hazard of the first degree up here. And maybe Jean just gave in to that desire to change Ray. Or maybe some supervillian drove her nuts and we haven't found the real bastard yet. I'd be lying if I didn't hope the second one and twitch a lot at the first one. Either way, Ray's a nice guy that doesn't deserve this type of karma. Self-righteousness around her be damned. Did I mention that can be another occupational hazard?

Third thing. I feel a little guilty for this one. Friends don't latch onto the Freudian slips of other friends. Ollie mentioned something in the heat of things as he's want to do. Did I just hear Ollie call Dinah his wife? I mean it would be about time and all - extremely interesting character quirks aside.

I haven't put on my wedding ring yet. I'm sure Ralph's noticed and hasn't mentioned it. That's because I have plans. Our vows were, "Until death do us part." It annoys me in this business, that's a negotiable item now, but...Long and short of it, it's time for me to make an honest man out of Ralph again. (And the smirk is there as I type.)

I'm going to extend the invite I think. This business doesn't exactly allow you to book caterers and florists on a normal schedule. It was almost enough to make Clark think of swear words for his trip down the aisle.

Okay, this is evil Sue...but it might be the type of evil someone...Ollie and Dinah, one of the kids, whatever....needs to remind them what's worth rescuing. Give them enough of a push to look around a little at thier attachments.

I think I might drop dead of shock if anyone joins the party.
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She reads that last paragraph over and over again. She wished that Ralph was here for a hug instead of the jumpy Ted Kord. She was surprised to feel tears running down her cheeks.

but one thing is certain: the genesis of the current perceived dissonance affecting the current League seemed to find its genesis in her death, and her return has not settled matters. Perhaps an old wound was re-opened?

She crossed her arms and her fingernails drug into her arms. It was just distracting enough in a painful sort of way to stop her from remembering Light. The bastard hadn't just raped her. He had raped her what had become her family over the past 15 years. This was going to ruin her home. She was shaking. She kept thinking Ted didn't need to see her like this. Didn't need to see her cry.

That terror of being used just lingered. It clung and gnawed at her, like she was feeding a demon within herself and it had finally become big enough to the point she couldn't just shove it away. It had made her doubt her own non-cape family on this caper.

She wiped the tears away. It had been easier when she was just "the wife." She never wanted to be one of the heroes. She had always assumed that, like Ralph in his own way, she was just there as somewhat useful comic relief. Coffee geisha. Someone else to monitor the coms while the heroes did the real work. At best she was an example for people like Lois or Linda and Iris's co-conspirator in the "how to marry a cape and keep your sanity and your marriage," game.

On this trip, she'd help turn Ted Kord into the closest thing he was ever going to see to James Bond. She'd faked a divorce and made the JLA believe it. Jeff had mentioned that the party at Warriors was packed. She hadn't considered that before - packed. People actually gave a damn. She'd talked Dick's kid out of doing something foolish. Better, she id'ed her as Dick's kid and that Ibn fellow without hesitation or without blinking - despite the fact that there was something wacky going on there. She'd told Batman - Batman - where he could shove his attitude. Even more amazing - he had! Jeff and Jorden trusted her with all this knowledge, and they both had to know that the amount of classified JLA knowledge she had picked up over the years was staggering.

Without any powers or special training, she had thought she was just a mouse among lions. Sue Dibny once heard her uncle once say that a chain is only as strong as its weakest link. Light had only cemented this fear in the back of her mind that she was, indeed, that weak link. After Light there was the bitch that killed her off as a sympathy ploy. There was Faust. All of them proving to the heroes that love, family, and friendship - the act of trusting someone with you heart was wrong. Even ugly and fearful.

She should thank the lot of them, she thought bitterly. They had just taught her how to roar.

No, Ralph had done that. She softened. Ralph and Barry. Thier face popped into her head one by one. They'd all helped - Ollie, Dinah, Hal, Diana, Zee, Carter, Clark...even Bruce in his extremely screwed up sort of way. This little undercover gig had been for herself at the start, no matter what kind of a spin she put on it. Suddenly, it shifted. It was about them again. Her loved ones and the people who loved them. It was also about the people that had to live with them and their human failings.

People like Jorden McKnight.

Keeping the capes up there and the rest of humanity - the point of reference - had been such a slow, insidious process. Neither side had noticed the problem until they were like one of those marriages where you wake up one day and realize you have nothing in common. Somewhere in all this was a rapist on patrol for someone left alone in all this, by choice or by happenstance. The distance had been his or her greatest weapon.

Time to bring the two groups together again before more people got hurt.

She picked up the phone. Ted had been doing enough on this trip. Time for her to get her own damned long pajamas her own way.

"Yes, operator, can you patch me through to the following number..."


Jul. 1st, 2005 11:53 am
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Bruce finished dancing with the blonde. Sue is going to pawn her off on you. Have fun.

Few points

Jun. 15th, 2005 04:01 pm
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1) Blue Beetle mun: Do you want to take it from Black Lighting's post or start something new? Also, my "ears," are on tonight. Thanks for your patience with Vic and I on this.

2) Guy's mun, thank you for reopening Warriors.

3) The GL's deserve massive a round of applause.

4) I already sent a note to Richard the mod, but for a more general announcement, please, everyone update your e-mail listing for me:


(Thanks Kat!)

Oh and for the NOOOOOOooooo! crowd


Edit: Due to last nights RP (April rules, just to let you all know) the Dear Ralph letter had to be tweaked a bit. It has been edited for the archieves. Ralph's munshould be on tonight for more comedy.

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